Story of ForexRobotPRO

I would like to explain you the story behind the invention of ForexRobotPRO, I believe that each trader will find something from their self.

My name is Benjamin (33), I studied engineering and did my master’s degree on Finance and I have been working as a Forex Broker for the last 5 years. I invested over a year to invent this algorithm, I made back tests for the last 5 years and updated the algorithm according to all financial events has been happened on the past 5 years.

Opening a successful trade on CFD/FOREX trading has couple of steps;

First you need to buy from correct level, second you need to predict the direction, third you need to get out of  the position on the correct time.  We all know that all the trades are not winning all trades so you need to learn also how to manage losing trades.

Statistics says that most of the CFD/FOREX Broker Companies portfolio 67% of the traders are losing and 33% is only making profit. What are the differences between WINNERS and LOSERS? I started to analyze the traders one by one and the difference was obvious that capital doesn’t matters the ones who is trading without a risk management plan and putting their emotions in to their trades are ”LOSERS” and the ones who is working with the discipline knows his targets, working with a strict risk management plan like a ROBOT are “WINNERS”.

As a result I collected all my financial experiences, knowledge and discipline invented this ForexRobotPRO for you to be on the WINNER side.