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Free Forex Trading Robot – Forex Strategies for Beginners

forex robot fore beginners, Free forex trading robot, Free expert Advisor

Hi Money Makers,

In this article i would like to share couple of information about Daily trading strategies for beginner traders and couple of free experts that would help beginner traders.


Day trading is the act of buying and selling an asset  within the same day. In the stock market daily traders are trading with big capitals and generally targets 3% profit. On CFD/Forex trading daily traders are looking to make profits by leveraging large amounts of capital to take advantage of small price movements in highly liquid stocks, indexes, currencies or commodities.
Day trading can be a very dangerous game for  beginner traders  who doesnt know how to make portfolio management or risk management. Let's take a look at some common day trading strategies that can be used by beginner forex traders.

I would like to introduce our free forex trading robot "ForexRobotPRO_freerobot" will perfectly fit on beginner traders.

First i would like to explain you the trading robot for you to understand which indicators are installed on Expert Advisor and how it will manage your funds:

I used 3 oscillators in this trading robot or you can call it Expert Advisor.

We planed our trading robot based on trend indicators, trading volume indicators and indicators related to moving averages.

This 3 indicator names are

  1. Parabolic SAR
  2. Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  3. Stochastic Oscillator

(I will give more information about this indicators on another article)

free forex trading robot for beginners, Forex EA, Free Forex EA, ForexRobotPRO
free forex trading robot for beginners, Forex EA, Free Forex EA, ForexRobotPRO

After we adjust our trading indicators we already set up the base of our Expert Advisor or you can call it Trading Robot, all we need to setup our risk management Strategy.

You can also see on the below that our risk management will work 30/50 ratio which means if your trades goes unsuccessful with 30 points it will stop the trade automatically and if you are in the money it will collect the profit once it touches 50 points.

Smart Expert Advisor will trade according to your capital which means that if you started with 1000 USD and you made 500 USD profit , he will open bigger positions with same risk management plan which is 30 points stop loss and 50 points take profit orders.

I wish you happy days and generate lots of profit guys...

If you want to download free Expert Advisor please click the link. 

forex robot fore beginners, Free forex trading robot, Free expert Advisor
forex robot fore beginners,
Free forex trading robot, Free expert Advisor

Get ForexRobotPRO 89$

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12 thoughts on “Free Forex Trading Robot – Forex Strategies for Beginners

  1. Hi Trading robot Managers,
    I just purchased forex robot pro trading robot. i need help to set up expert advisor. I am using MT4 and i am a beginner trader.
    Can you help me for set up?

    1. Hi Javier,

      Thank you for choosing us. We prefer you use MT5, please try to check if your broker is working with MT5 or not.
      On the upper side of your meta trader you will see a symbol like a yellow book which is called meta editor. Please open it and click on open a file or ctrl+O you will add the expert advisor.

      Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Enjoy your trading robot…

  2. I downloaded forexrobotpro, it started to trade by it self. My question is if i am going to open any position manual, does forex trading robot will manager that trade ?
    And next question is robot is opening too many trades but only small profits, how can i increase the position volume?

    Thank you

    1. Hi George,

      Thank you for your question, basically trading robot calculates every single trade according to your capital, if you will add more funds trading robot will automatically open bigger trades. We can also adjust the trading robot algorithm and let the trading robot to open bigger trades but you need to understand that it will be more risky which means dropdown percentage will be bigger.

      Thank you for choosing us.

  3. Hi ,
    I just activated my account with 1000AUD from IC Markets, i couldnt set up metatrader!
    Can you please help me and install my forex trading robot.
    I am from sydney you can call me untill 9.00 PM

    1. Hi Mrs. Helena,
      If you dont have experience, it can be the best way to start trading. You can increase and decrease your capital according to trading robot performance. As i advice give a shot nothing to loose but you can gain a lot.

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