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FM-fx Review

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fm-fx review,fm-fx reviews, fm fx trading,
fm fx trading reviews,
fmfx trading, fmtrader withdrawal, fmtrader login

FM-FX is a boutique company with high prestige and good customer service. Company has been in the market for three years. FM-FX has headquarters in Belize, with offices around the globe in places such as the U.K. It is regulated by Belize.

FM-FX Trading Accounts

FM-FX provides several account types designed for experienced traders as well as for those who are new to the FOREX market. We refer PLATINUM Account for all traders, even though you are a new trader get the benefits of low spread. If you are a new trader, the company gives PLATINUM Account for $5K. This account is ideal for experienced traders wishing to leverage the full advantages of FX trading. Company allows up to 1:500 leverage.

FM-FX also offers two training accounts, which is available for 30 days – standard demo of$50,000 & mini demo of $2,000. Platforms for all account types are identical, however a separate username and password needs to be used for each type of account.

Account Types
Trading accounts are available in the form of:

Silver Trading Account
Maximum leverage ratio 1:200
5 days withdrawal processing time

Gold Trading Account
Maximum leverage ratio 1:400
3 days withdrawal processing time
Dedicated account manager
25% swap discount

Platinum Trading Account
Maximum leverage ratio 1:500
2 days withdrawal processing time
Dedicated account manager
News alert
Free VPS
50% swap discount
Islamic account available
The Islamic trading account is a trading account which conforms to the Islamic Sharia law on the concept of “No Riba”. It gives traders the benefit of:
Commission free trading
No interest on overnight positions
Dedicated account manager

In order to open a live trading account with FM-FX, you will need to make a minimum initial deposit of 250 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD.

FM-FX Overview

The advantage of Trading Forex online is having the possibility to deal with no Dealing Desk. With this option, traders basically trade on rates provided directly by the banks, which enables FM-FX to offer low variable spreads.
Besides the spreads company is not taking any other commission for daily trades. If you are long term trader you can use Islamic account as well.

FM-FX- Trading-platforms

FM-FX has three different trading platform options. Webtrader, Metatrader4, Mobile Metatrader4



  • Free Senior Account Manager Service
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Training tools & research
  • Belize Regulation
  • Card Payment Safety with PCI



  • Spreads Starts from 3 pips
  • Minimum Account is 250 (AUD, USD, EUR, GBP) available
  • Minimum position is 0.05 lot

We advise all traders to access to training tools and do some research

Tags: FM-FX Reviews, best forex broker, forex broker reviews, FM-FX scam, FM-FX feedback
FM-FX Reviews, best forex broker, forex broker reviews, FM-FX scam, FM-FX feedback

154 thoughts on “FM-fx Review

  1. I have been trading with this company for 3 years , no problem with withdrawals , service is more than avg, if you got good spread offers don’t hesitate.

    1. Hi Carlo ,my name is Tina and I was just wondering if when u did a withdrawal you had to send a copy of a photo Id ,credit card and house bill ? I feel like it’s a lot of personal info ,just wondering if u did and if u ever had a problem with giving so much personal information ,I worry about identity theft ..thanks

      1. Yes, Tina, same with me. The only think they don’t ask is my shoe size and where I store my home key. And I am still waiting for their approval of my withdrawal. Worried!

    2. Very disappointing service. I have deposit the money for almost 1 month and no support from any of the brokers.contacted customer service several times but no actions taken.

    3. Then I need your advice. I deposited some funds into this company but my circumstances changed and I applied for withdrawal. I did not trade at all, and perhaps should not start doing what I M NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND. When I deposited money they were very quick and did not actually ask for any docs. Now they send me one request after another. I spent hours and hours making copies, screenshots, photos, etc. Still did not get my money. Communication is really bad. they don’t bother to reply, they don’t answer my questions. I am concern with safety of my funds and whether I will get my money back. You gave them excellent reference for this matter. What do you think about my case? I am 76 y.o. pensioner from Australia and feel pretty bad about this treatment.

      1. You need to understand that when you deposit to a company its your responsibility but when company is sending money they need to verify the sender .All the money has been tracking by the regulators.

      2. This company is a scam and not licensed to operate in Australia. They are not not approved by ASIC.
        thet will ask for all the ID under the sun but when you want to get whats left off your money back after they’ve lost it, you want get any reply from your broker. DONT GIVE THEM ANYMORE MONEY!

    4. I did initial deposit USD 250 and my broker in-charge Mr.Owen Zen called me to make more deposits for more gain.
      I was convinced to make deposit again USD5500.
      So, totally deposited USD5750.

      My first trading has closed USD8300 and second trading has closed at USD12899.
      Then, I request my broker to withdraw the money to pay back my credit cards. But, my broker Mr.Owen zen asked me to do third trading again. But, my third trading has closed very Low.

      Later, I sent many emails to customer support and make so many calls to ask my broker in-charge to call me to withdraw my deposits. But, I didn’t receive any Favourable reply.

      Pls advise what to do further to draw my deposit funds.

    5. I did initial deposit USD 250 and my broker in-charge Mr.Owen Zen called me to make more deposits for more gain.
      I was convinced to make deposit again USD5500.
      So, totally deposited USD5750.

      My first trading has closed USD8300 and second trading has closed at USD12899.
      Then, I request my broker to withdraw the money to pay back my credit cards.

      Later, I sent many emails to customer support and make so many calls to ask my broker in-charge to call me to withdraw my deposits. But, I didn’t receive any Favourable reply.

      Pls advise what to do further to draw my deposit funds.

  2. FMFX is good when it comes to trading. The broker never let me trade all my money in just trade. Now I’m gaining $4000 when I trade.

    1. Hi , did you earn 4000 just in 250 or you funded more money , I funded a lot of money but I didn’t earn anything even I lost

      1. Hi rabia,

        Actually first i tried to make some investments by myself i started to make some small profits than there was an event on Usd which i wasnt aware as a result i lost very big amount of my capital, than one of my friend advised me this expert advisor Forexrobotpro and I purchased it so for i am doing well.
        You can give a try 😉

  3. I don’t have experience on trading at first, but they gave me free broker. She train me about trading. FMFX is all good

  4. Services are great and on time. the senior account mngrs are really good. im starting to learn how to trade and understand the financial market.

  5. I just made a deposit last Monday for 250 usd but i got declined then they actually gave me consideration and allow me to deposit 250 aud which is cheaper. Very good service and i’m starting the learning now hopefully i can learn everything immediately i’am excited to do the trade right away!!!!

    1. Hi Candy, I’m from Australia too. I singed up and everything and one of the broker tainer called me and he told me to download the Anydesk to share my laptop screen with him and he was controlling my laptop. Suddenly he goes straight to my online account and told me to sing in with my customer Id and password. I told him I didn’t feel secure and asked him to call me back tomorrow but he still try to make me sign in but I refused then he hung up on me so rudely. Does any of this sounded like when you first started with this side?

      1. Hi Thika,
        Any desk and Teamviewer are remote access software which we are using in our training. I learn how to use metatrader by using Any Desk.
        If you want to take the control it wont be a problem also there is an option of only screen sharing you can turn off the mouse control 🙂
        I joined Fm-fx couple of weeks ago and still a beginner trader, made very good profit on Facebook and Apple trades after the earning reports. The days when i lose 100 AUD i am not trading anymore….

      2. happened to me also and pushed me to deposit more $1000 usd and I’m just beginner and put me in a big trading risk and I’m about to lose the whole money right now

      3. Hi. Im starting to get worried too as my broker keeps wanting to push me to a Gold Account its like I should have a spare $14k to add. She kept going to my bank acct and wanting to try to get more. So far has got all I have $11k but still wants more. They put $2k in my acct just to say thank you & will give me another 5k if I depoxit $14k. Its so hard to know what to do. I feel like pulling my money strait out. I have made $200 but is that a set up taster???
        I juzt dont understand why they want more andmoreif they are genuine.

      4. Yes. Had the same experience from broker asking to. Jew my. Any account details. But did not give them. We discussed the the market conditions further and we ended the phone conversion on reasonably good terms.

      5. Hi Thika, I just signed in today and the trainer guided me step by step with it and only I was able to fill in the details while he waited on the other side of the line. Once it was done, he was able to verify on his side that the account was open and all good to go. I am expecting the next call any time from another manager to train me on the next step. A bit daunting for me but excited at the same time. It will be a new field all together.

  6. Good spread, easy withdrawal system, good regulations and the education is really worth it. I made a deposit of 500$ yesterday and after an hour my broker called me for the education. 4/5 for FM-FX.

    1. How much are they charging for the withdrawal? I’m quite curious if they’re charging big amounts for cancellation fees

        1. Hello admin .
          I was Opening Account here and already make deposit .
          When i try to open my account it said wrong password
          I do try to reset my password but i do not get the link to reset it. I been trying to do the reset since 2 weeks ago but until now i don’t get the links Could somebody Please help me ?

          1. Hi Ati,
            Which means that you registered with a different email. Please contact with customer support via telephone or email. They will help you to login your account.

    2. I did the same on made $419 one day trading on my $500 deposit. I’ve only been a member 4 days. Let’s see what happens over the next week. They suggested

  7. I have been a successful trader with this company for 2 years,I am grateful that FM-FX has found me through direct mail to my home. I was not looking and was not aware that these skills are available to the average person. Thank you for finding me and giving me the opportunity to learn to grow my savings & retirement accounts. Thank you also for the opportunity to learn to become an independent earner. I would recommend it to anyone,With best regards

    1. Have you tried to withdraw any money. I have and I am getting nothing but a runaround. Been trying since January. I also found out they are not licensed so my money is more than likely gone

  8. I tried diff companies already and I absolutely lost a lot of money. I’m trying to find something that can help me to earn my money back. My husband nearly killed me when he found out that we lost our savings, here I am again trying this company. so far I’m having a good experience from the broker. Hopefully I can join their event later as soon as possible.

    1. Hello Vilma, I am Caitlin. I came from UK and when it worked for me I am really sure that it will also work with you, especially they serve people from different countries and one of these is our country – United Kingdom.

    2. You can still trade. I’m from China and I’m trading here on FM-FX. The broker will teach you how to trade and how to make profit.

      1. Hi, Jerry, I m fr Malaysia , joined on 20Jan.2017. But faced many slow response n waiting time . My assigned acct mgr is Leo Valentain , but he is not that effective to give good guide. I hope you can share yr positive experience . My email no is kh.xxxxxx@yahoo.com . Hope to hear fr you soon. Thk you.

  9. Hi, FM-fx fellows, I am facing a very bad experience that my register with FM-fx is not working the way as you people are appraisings like above. I really need help on how to resolve my problem . After initial invested fund of usd 250, my account did not work even they informed to have an account manager to train me ,but not a good person .He just appeared once, and just asked me to topup fund further or even much more. But because of his convincing reason , I topup additional usd500 to make up total usd750. Hence, I kept sending tickets (5 tickets already) but no reply until now. My account is showing the fund usd 750. and yet can not trade at all. Can someone is experienced to advise me to get over this stange scenario here. Thank you and appreciated very much. my email contact as below.

    1. Hi KOK-HIONG SIM,
      First of all i understand your concern, you need to understand that if you are not going to learn how to trade nobody is going to help your every investment.
      With wining trades and loosing trades what have you learn?
      If you need more assistance please send your contact details to frobotpro@gmail.com we will mange your account.

    2. I deposit 500USD and have been asking for it back and they just keep delaying playing games, like you have to do this and that, then they say they never received any thing and tell you to do it all over. I just found out they are not licensed which means I sure hope not bye,bye money

    3. Kok-Hiong SIm, I may not know you but I strongly advise you to withdraw your money as fast as you still can because it is all scam . I have had been scammed more than USD 15,450 (Rm 66,126).by one plus option trading company. If you want to do trading do it in your own country . At least you know where is their office. I had been keep on asking to deposit fund and shown with bonus add up to make my look impressively attractive and luring enough to encourage you to deposit more trading fund . The more you deposit your trading fund, the more commission the trading account manager will earn from you. The bonus money they reward and add into your trading account is just phony amount to impress you so that they can persuade you to deposit money from credit card into your trading account . You wont be able to withdraw a single sen from it because they are manipulate and control your withdrawal to make impossible for you to do withdrawal. I have had lost USD 15,450 in just only one control and so-called guided trading after several deposits by one trading manager and my money was gone. there were a few communication and connection broke down on purpose .When the line presumed my money was gone with balance of merely more than USD 2000 in my trading account which until now still being locked in the account .
      They don’t release my balance of money in my account even I filled and click in my withdrawal button. the lame excuse was bonus issue as I received emailed from them. I don’t understand what they were talking about. The manager responsible for the so-called lost trading is a conman who had disappeared forever . KOK Hiong Sim, listen to me just forget it and withdraw your money if you still can . Don’t trust them even a bit. it is all FRAUD and they are SCAMMERS.

  10. Hai..I am from Malaysia..if I deposit 250USD to open my account..I have any problem or not to transfer back my gain money Avery’s to my acc at Malaysia

    1. Hi Ayob,

      You need to understand that the funds you deposit with your visa or MasterCard will go back to your card and the profit that you make can transfer to your card or bank account on your name. You can do any transaction from any country in the world.

      1. Hi Forexrobotpro,
        I have deposited usd 2250 all together now I have 1800 in the account I have used FmFx as my broker will I be able to get my money back. I heard they are not returning money. Please help me on this

        1. Hi sac,

          You will definitely wd your funds , 1st
          You need to apply the docs, 2nd make a wd request from the site and 3rd send a mail to your account manager.

    1. Hi Rany,

      You need to understand that in cfd/forex trading your 1 USD can be equal to 200 USD therefore your 250 USD will be equal to 50.000 USD. Once you learn how to trade in the financial market even with 250 USD you can generate very nice profits with small market movements. Knowledge is power, power is money!!

        1. We are calling this leverage trading system. Basically you don’t own the asset you are trading in the price differences with the power of leverage.

  11. I made a deposit today at around 3pm was told a broker will call me today its 11:30pm know call yet how long before your first call any one know.

    1. hi my name is maria i signed up 2weeks ago, and was told someone will ring in 24 to 48 hrs, i now believe that is a myth, i finally got called back 1 week later, and was quite angry about it,however i stressed my concern to the so called broker only to be laughed at she some how thought it was a bloody joke, anyway instead of an apology she kept talking and talking and talking over me which made me even angrier, i asked to speak with someone esle many times but she still would not listen, finally after all that i asked for a refund, i found her totally and utterly unprofessionally her name is sofia rain, so after all that my advice to you is when you finally speak to someone make sure you have a really good broker not one who treats you like crap someone who is honest and professional, i still have not got a refund and still stuck on how to get it maybe, i will ask to speak to a professional broker instead of someone that still needs training. good luck mate

  12. Hi every body actually i made deposit 250usd by the help of account manager wendy .unfortunately they deposit 250usd from my account on 10th febury without my permission and without asking me and i trying to signin into my fm-fx.com accout it not signing in. I don’t know what should i do? Is there any one who can help me?

    1. You are telling that you made the deposit, actually you can see the transaction day after?! if you see any transaction without your permission, contact with the management but as i told you it is not something very possible.
      First reset your password see your account check your financial transactions and check how much money you have in your trading account.
      We have many traders working with this company depositing and withdrawing their profits if there is any problem i advice you to contact with the management.

      1. Really second time the money gone automatically from my account even i can proof it happened 10/2/17 i can show my bank records.
        Who is management?can you give me email or contact number .

        1. Hi mr fida,
          I would like to tell you that we dont have any relationship with these broker companies, we are a portfolio management company. All we do is we try our algorithm with couple of compines, we deposit , test their platform and withdraw some funds and according to the service we write our reviews.
          The answer of your question is first check your account the funds probably stays there, than click on withdraw funds , write the amount send the necessary documents id, bill and card foto “last 4 digit seen and back side signed( dont forget to close cvc) than you will receive your funds in 3 business days.
          Hope it will help you to solve your problem have a great day.

  13. This is not a good company – IT’S a SCAM !!!! Never ever let anyone you don’t personally know or trust to take over your computer using Teamviewer or other remote software. I put in the 250USD and heard nothing for over a week, then the “so called” broker contacted me last nigh and wanted to use Teamviewer. I refused and he quite rudely said he was then unable to help me. So ift they can’t even talk you through it – just like they can to get you to put your funds in, then you just know it’s a SCAM.
    TELL EVERYONE NOT TO USE THIS SERVICE, IT IS 100% A SCAM. You will never see any money and they will keep getting you to put more money in – they are very convincing. FM-FX are a SCAM – if anyone wants to take remote control of your computer and you don’t know who they are then do not let them do it, as it is more than likely a SCAM. If this was a true and honest company they would be able to talk you through the whole thing without having to remote into your computer.

  14. I just overheard this brokerage in one business seminar I have attended and one time when one good friend of mine made a visit to my residence, I am shock when she shifted to this one. She told me that withdrawals are a lot easier that her previous one. I think I am shifting to this one especially I am reading a lot good reviews from you. Like this FM-FX reviews (http://www.fmfxreviews.com/) after reading this one, I think I am really thinking which is the best.

  15. I’m a little skeptical still with this site I hear good things and than I hear others say its a scam so which is it. So far I really like my agent i’ve almost doubled up so far I started making trades last Friday 02/24/2017. However my agent keeps asking me to deposit more but I refuse to do so. However I was looking today at my bank statement online and it looks like they tried to withdrawal 250$ USD more yesterday twice without my knowledge so I sent them a message i’ll see what they reply.

    1. Hi Justin,
      Probably the transactions are decline transactions before you made a successful deposit.
      Or the system works like this once you try to make a deposit they will try to make the transaction with 3 different banks once 1 of them went through the other 2 declines.
      Transactions works with 3D password if you won’t give the password to anyone nobody can make another deposit.

    2. Fm-fx is not a licensed broker so I just found out and yes you might show a profit on paper but trying to withdraw money. All I can say it will never happen

  16. ” Dear admin .
    my name is Hayati
    I was register an Account here .
    I would like to cancel my Account . Since i dont wish to continue having register in here ,
    how do i get back my deposit ?

    1. Hi Mr. Hayati
      Please send the required docs and that make a withdrawal from client area you will receive your funds in 3 business days.

      1. Hi admin .
        Thanks for replay .
        My I know what’s docs requary that I need to send ?
        I been emailing the customer support asking for the refund but the didn’t replay my question ..

    2. Have fun with that as I also want to close my account and have my deposit returned. No such luck I have probably lost my deposit

  17. FM-FX
    The broker was keep on asking deposit. I could not make money and lost.
    Now I’m asking withdraw my money left over almost 3weeks passed now.
    Since I ask to withdraw, the broker has no response and the company just return automatic reply email every time. And the company reply that can’t found my account and need email or account number, so I reply back and sent my email and account number and all documents needs several times.
    I sent over 10 times so far including service desk and account team, the phone is busy all the time and nobody answers and nobody takes care since I asked to withdraw.
    FM-FX is too bad company!!! People should aware this before deposit.
    Deposit fund by credit card just takes in 1 minute, but withdraw/Return money takes forever to me.
    I’m still asking all my funds to withdraw since Feb 10 2017.
    Too bad. The company shouldn’t do like that. And I should not had trusted the website reviews that was first or second ranking out of stock broker companies.
    Please let me know how can I post my review on google, too?
    I feel that people should aware this. I don’t want another victims like me. I copied the service desk of FM-FX company as below
    TT1576 Client Open Mobile Client 2017-03-01 16:42:11 (UTC)
    TT1469 Withdraw Open General question 2017-02-28 00:53:54 (UTC)
    TT1393 Withdraw Open Finance Department 2017-02-26 23:56:21 (UTC)
    TT1392 Withdraw Open Finance Department 2017-02-26 23:51:30 (UTC)
    TT1373 Withdraw Open Finance Department 2017-02-25 22:58:46 (UTC)
    TT834 Withdraw Open Finance Department 2017-02-12 22:34:33 (UTC)
    TT774 Withdraw Open Finance Department 2017-02-10 20:39:31 (UTC)

    1. Hi Ruby,
      As I understand you didn’t upload the documents.
      Please upload your documents and make a withdraw you will see that your money will be in your account in 3 business days.

      1. I tried that admin and still no return. Actually I read Ruby’s comments they are identical to mine. So admin now what

  18. Hi ,I just need to know why it’s a requirement to give my drivers license ,a copy of my credit card and a copy of my house bill to get a refund ,it seems like plot of personal information I don’t feel comfortable giving ,this was not said when I applied now I’m worried about giving all this personal info for identity theft ,can anybody else tell me if they had to do this in order to get a refund ,and if it u did get your refund back after doing this ? Thanks

    1. Hi Tina,
      First of all thank you for your question. You need to understand that you are transferring funds from 1 country to another country and by the money policy regulators the companies need to explain why Source of the funds. With your Id details they can explain that, Tina with I’d number#1234567 is our trader and this funds are belongs to her or we are sending her money back.
      If the company is not asking for documents which means that they are not regulated.

    2. Hi Tina, we’re in the same boat. I tried to withdraw my money and they asked a lot of documents which I complied and still didn’t get my refund money. These people are nothing but all scammers!!!

  19. Hi,
    I have been trading for the last 3 weeks, and my broker kept on pushing me to put more in and then that large amount of money he forced me to trade with resulted in me loosing it all. So ppl stay away from trading, I had repeatedly told my broker that I did not want to trade anymore and he kept on saying trust me it is the last time!!! and when I asked I want to withdraw money he kept on saying Friday you can and when Friday came he said Monday you can and I have never been able to withdraw money.

    1. Beware of this company! All they want is your funds and they will be pushing U to deposit, calling 100 times a day.
      When I finally deposit, broker made me almost lose my money. When I refused to deposit more (to balance the margin level) due to lack of money, he advised to take personal loan!!!!
      They are just sharks looking for your cash. I’m really looking forward to finish my cooperation with this company. Think twice before U deposit any funds and give access to your personal details especially online banking details.
      I don’t wish anybody to go through the nightmare I experienced with them..

  20. Unlucky i couldn’t speak to anybody in customer service. Been trying to call customer service for a week but no One answers the my call .

  21. Made a deposit 3 months ago. Have had no support, tried to withdraw my funds . Could not do it. Have emailed for support ,no reply. ITS A SCAM

    1. Hi Jim, where are you from?
      I’ve just had a call from London to NZ promising me everything you didn’t get. S

      Have you had any joy at all?

      1. I had the same problem, 2 people rung me one in my mobile and one in my land line. I tried to refuse to make an initial deposit, but the lady who talk to me promised everything like OK, NO PROBLEM JUST SET BACK AND RELAX I will do that for you! so end up I put my initial deposit since she was with me on the phone and coaching me. She arranged me a date and time that she said she actually ring me to coach me what to do. Until now still waiting.

  22. Hi I am new to FM-FX and haven’t started trading I am from New Zealand and if any fellow Kiwis have had any experiences with this company let me know
    Oh yeah I have dealt with another broker the similarities are unreal to -ve side I might add. It will be great to hear from you whether +ve or -ve comments welcome

    1. Hi Mr Adams,
      Please check our beginners trading strategies and Forex trading robot.
      I am strictly advising you to use our expert advisor.

      1. Hi Craig
        No I wasn’t able to see your email address however Text me it on this #0211819018 I do suggest you contact me sooner than later

  23. Opened an account last month. Everything was good and I was winning trades with the help of my broker until I was about to withdraw my profit.

    If there is one complaint that I have, it’s probably the length of time in processing withdrawals. I first sent the verification documents last February 17 and I got an e-mail that it’s already being processed last Feb. 22. But they e-mailed me again on Feb. 28 that they didn’t receive my Credit card and utility bill, when in fact, both were included in the first e-mail I sent them. They could’ve notified me a few days after Feb. 17 regarding that matter as I was giving myself enough time for some payments that I need to make.

    After that my broker stopped replying to my e-mails since March 1 and I was left without guidance in making my trades to the point where I lost all my money.

    To me, they’re legit. Just make sure they don’t harass people into making deposits when they don’t even have that swift of a withdrawal process. And it depends on the competency of the broker too.

  24. I had a very bad experience trading with this company. The trader that was assigned to me completely scammed me. He got into my bank accounts and transferred money. He would not take no for an answer. When I told him to stop, he wouldn’t. The traders name is Jacob Morris. I was scammed for $57,000 U.S dollars. Needless to say I was not happy. He would not allow me to make withdrawals and kept telling me he was going to get my money back but continued to lose it all. My life savings were taken and I don’t believe there is any recourse. Be aware when considering doing anything with this company.

  25. I have read an article about you, this one: http://www.fm-fx.info/

    I think you are indeed following such protocol however, I have been really hard time with the withdrawal. It took me so long, however at the end I was able to withdraw the money. I love your service and the customer service you have.

    1. Hello ! I have been trading with fx-fm for a while but when I asked for a withdrawal after all documents are verified. I just get a run around .How long did it take to get your money. Because my Broker has ignored my emails about vocal verification. Is there a specific team you should talk to.

  26. Hi guys. I am too from New Zealand. I’m very new to FMfx. Now I signed up as a friend of mine shared a link on facebook. What hot me is that the ad said minimum $250usd deposit and $10,000 if you make no money within 29days. I’m in the process of moving to Australia and I am interested in learning more about the trade as a long term goal. I made a deposit of 500aud rather than 250usd. I was assigned an account manager, I won’t give names at this stage. I wS happy to hear back from him as I am very eager to start training. He guided me using ‘anydesk’ and briefly showed me how the mt4 platform works. That was all good until he asked me to login to my online banking? I felt very uncomfortable. Luckily I am not stupid and I use a this particular bank to do things on line and keep a seperate bank for savings so he couldn’t see money flowing. However, the account manager seen my Kiwisaver which is a pension in our country (basically untouchable) it had 4000nzd in it and the stock brocker asked me to transfer all the money???? I repeatedly told him i couldn’t! He nagged and nagged and nagged constantly and eveb tried to do this himself in my bank account! The broker investigated further and fojnd out that he could not touch it. He then asked me to go in to my savings account and transfer all the money over. I told him I had no internet banking! I had to lie and lie to get him off my back. Now he’s harrasing me to deposit another 500aud as he knows I won’t put 4000nzd in that account. Its stressung me out. I have a family, i just wanted to have the opportunity to learn! The broker told me that the programme would kick me off the market as 500aud is not enough. I sent the broker a complaint in writing advising I will not deposit any more money. Ye called me 10minutes later and asked me for another $500aud! I feel like I cant trust these people! Im being pressured!!!!!! Im not happy with the way mine and the brokers relationship is going at the moment. I feel very uncomfortable. Any advice please? I work, I study, I have children.

  27. Sorry for all the typos. Very exhausted mother here. Might I add – I am looking at FMfx as a long term thing. What is so wrong with starting with 500aud? Can I not make money off that ammount? Is it true that the programmed will kick me out because its such a small ammount? I expected an understanding broker, to build a long term relationship, trust? I am having second thoughts big time here and currently looking at closer, trust worthy places that would not pressure me the way my account manager is. I have told him many times that Im new, i dont want to put more money in. I havent even seen what it looks like to win money yet! I just want to see how much I can get out of 500 and i want all the training the site told me only clients will get! I expect to see emails, links, videos etc and i dont even have these? Please anyone with advice.

  28. After reading the above reviews, I am very concerned about getting a refund. It looks as though this company makes it very difficult for their customers to get refunds. High concern at this stage and I really hope I don’t have to take further action!!!!

  29. This seriously smells like a scam to me. When I want to withdraw money, I have to send all my credit card details, including CVV and signature, two forms of ID in colour. What crap! (basically they want ALL my personal information. Not even my bank will ask me for that. I will not give those details to anyone! Just wait till you see the email they sent me asking for all my details… Going by what it actually states about acceptable documentation on the FM-FX ‘withdraw’ upload page, is contrary to what I have been asked for.. Go figure… Run a mile from this FM-FX.

  30. Hello, I just want to commend your tutorials online. It has been such a good help in my trading, thank you so much for it! At the same time, when I am having a difficulty in withdrawal, your customer service told me that there have been documents that aren’t yet submitted, however when completed it I was able to withdraw my money.

    1. I have the same issue on withdrawal. How you get it?
      Submitted the withdrawal process more than 3 weeks. Still can get my money, just kept say will ask the account manager contact you, the account manager just asking deposit more fund, they try tp hold my money. Now no more reply the email. If need the additional document, they can just request.

  31. I have signed up and wanting to deposit I am in Australia can anyone advise it only gives option to deposit in USD? I read in previous posts you can deposit in aud $ is this easy to trade ? What options do you have to not deposit anymore than 250? I am down to the last $$ trying my luck to make $ As I don’t have more than this. Finally I hope this is not a scam site

      1. Because Usd is getting stronger against orher currencies. Check the price of Aud/usd last year and this year compare them.

      2. Hi, I have deposited a USD 250
        In Jan 2017, and requested for refund, gave and uploaded all documents, been promised by complaints officer named Donna Greyson to refund, after several follow up, I don’t get any refund, am I scammed?

    1. Hi my name is Michalina and I am from Spain. Currently, I’m trading with Fm-fx.com. I chose this one because of the fast interaction with the clients, quick withdrawals, and no reqoutes. Although my experience with this broker might be different from your experience, we should take everything as a lesson.

  32. Hi Guys, i am also kiwi.
    I activated my account 3 monts ago, i have been trading in the fx matket for 7 years.
    I see couple of comments about trading and withdrawal process, i would like to tell that there are 50.000 fx companies in the world, if you didnt send your docs you can not make a withdrawal from 1 of them.
    As a principle i always carry my own bag which means i dont give my moneys control to someone. None of the brokers in the market will give you 100% of their talents for couple of thousand dollars. Either you gonna learn how to trade either you are not gonna trade.
    I am using a swap free account and i withdraw twice a month.
    I hope it will help u…

  33. I am very new for this, i am going to put deposit today. is there anybody can advise me how to learn trading , any link or website I can learn from please?

  34. Hello.
    We have started our trade with 4000$ but since then we are adding money to save our balance. Niw we have 10750$ balance plus 6000$ bonus credit. And still in more than 14000$ in negative. We have 3 opened trades. Our equity is 2900$ now. Please anyone suggest what should we do?
    We are so worry

  35. I have been asking for my refund since Jan 2017 on the same
    Day i deposited usd 250, until now there is no reply, I don’t want to believe that I am scammed having read all positive comments from admin. Can you provide any email address of the management to follow up my refund

  36. I signed up with this fm-fx.com company. A guy called me and told me to sign into all my bank account so he could see if i could benefit from an offer or promotion they having. I was reluctant as i told him i joined to make money not to be checking all my other bank accounts.
    He told me that he will call me back. I waited 5days no call back. So i decided to withdrawal my 250usd i used to trade.

    The money was processed by fm-fx.com, over 10days, money was never credited into my account in Australia. I chatted with their online service and sent email. Till now now reply from the email.

    The online customer service i chatted told me to ask my bank for a form MT103, when i called westpac, i was advised that they cant issue that form because no money has been sent to me or do they have any alert from anywhere.
    I’m in a loop at the moment, so I’m wondering if fm-fx.com is another Internet fraud?
    Can somebody help me out please?

  37. keep going happen the same issue on withdrawal?anyone success gets back the money? Withdrawal process takes more than 3 weeks still not receive the money. No email reply after kept asking when can get back my money.

  38. I had very bad experienced with this company first I deposited 250 aud then the broker told me to download anydesk to access my bank account then told me to deposit all my saving which is 30,000 but I only want to try 2000 first because that my wedding money but the broker control the keyboard and deposited 30,000 into the account and I now want to withdraw it out for my wedding but he refused and I tried to email every department of the company but with no luck. so I called them up and they told me the head broker will look into my case but I been waiting for couple weeks now with no respond I am so worry now without money for my wedding.

  39. hi had very bad experience with this company first I deposit 250 then the broker told me to download anydesk so he can access to my screen and told me to log into my bank account then told me to deposit 30,000aud but I only want to deposit 2000 to start with but he used the keyboard to transfer 30000 which is my wedding money. now I want to withdraw it back for the wedding but he refused . I been trying to contact the management team and support team but no one reply to my email. I am so stress right now with no money for wedding and the broker refuse with my withdraw request. if anyone can advise what I have to do to get money back would be great. thanks

  40. fm fx is the worst company I ever have to deal with, it withhold over 20,000us even tho I already sent all the documents that required but the broker refused my withdrawal keep making me trade. every time I make an enquiries nothing been done. there go my 20,000us

  41. Hi There… can anyone tell me how they found out about FMFX… was it something online that you saw or an advert on facebook or anything else? I saw an advertisment / Video on FB by a women called Sarah and she said that you could deposit $250. and then watch the balance grow and that you would only have to push a couple of buttons four or five times a day and that’s all … that it would make you significant money over the next 100 days. Has anyone seen the same video . To me it sounds like auto trade and if so does it make money for you or is this one of those many scams out there?

    1. I found it to be a load of crap $250 won’t get you anywhere, my trades closed by themselves. Wouldn’t waste your time or money

  42. pros:
    their education center was best for novice traders. especially their free forex trading courses, full of helpful videos.
    withdrawal system was a bit slow. kindly improve it and overall it will be fine. thanks all!

  43. I’m starting to like their live webinars. esp the technical trading sessions, I have attended twice and it looks good to me. planning to check the earning season session soon.

  44. Hi
    This is the worst experience I have ever had. My first contact was with Harace Kay March 2017 watch out for her she lies, she told me I would get some training before money was taken from my account I asked her this three times and she assured me it wouldn’t, before I gave my details. Yes you guested it the money was withdrawn before any training so I tried to withdraw my money that was another drama. I send Harace several emails regarding this she just said someone would contact me I believe a broker did, all they wanted was for me to trade I said no all I want is my money back. I also asked for there IFSC license number to make a complaint that wasn’t forthcoming I suspect the don’t. I then got a call from Harace saying she was going to organise my refund (lies again) she put me on to someone called Kylie, she said I had to give her my details again so the refund could go ahead I initially said no, her reply was no details no refund so reluctantly I gave them and money was stolen from my account without my permission and it was $250.00 AUD weird. After a lot of hassles of them saying that my money would be refunded I finally got my bank involved and yippy finally after months I have been refunded both amounts. DO NOT TRADE WITH FM-FX be very weary with this crowd.


  46. i began to notice that the webinars they conduct every week were actually good. i try to attend a couple of weeks ago in the technical trading session and i was taught how to take advantage of technical price movements using support and resistance levels.

  47. I have traded with itrader for years. I have deposited and withdrawn money with them and both are handled efficiently and quickly. Their trading platform is MT4 which is user friendly. Customer service is well-done via chat and is similarly efficient.

  48. It was easy for me to start trading with this broker. I didn’t have much money, but with bonuses and flexible leverage, I increased my deposit considerably. Spreads are always fixed and until now, i haven’t faced delay in the execution of my trades.

  49. I didn’t trust this Co because I lost the money from them. They didn’t refund my money. They tried to buy and sell themselves except ask my opinion.

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