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The question of which is the best Bitcoin exchange often comes to our minds. Especially in these days when the popularity of crypto currencies grows like crazy, dozens of stock markets open and close. It is confusing for beginner traders who wants to enter crypto market In this article, I will introduce the Bitcoin exchanges I use and talk about the advantages and disadvantages. Then I’ll let you choose the best Altcoin exchange.


Binance Review

Let’s start with the most famous and big bitcoin exchange. If you didn’t hear his name, you need to read this article to choose best bitcoin trading platform which fits on you. This is where most people first send their money after receiving Bitcoin. You can register by clicking here. NOTE: each coin commission is different when withdrawing, my advice is to look at the fees one by one when withdrawing. I usually withdraw with Ripple because it has both low commission (0.25 XRP) and most stock exchanges.
Advantages: Commission rates are very low. (0.1%) If you pay using BNB coins, this is 50% lower. The most reliable and largest stock market. Daily trading volumes amounted to $ 1 billion. The phone application is absolutely very successful, thus guaranteeing fast transactions every second. You can process up to 2 BTCs without confirming your account.
Disadvantages: You must have a transaction volume of more than 2 BTC to deposit in USD



KuCoin Review

It is a renowned stock market with the popularity of decentralized stock markets. Innovative aspects like Kucoin Shares make its users happy. Click here to register.
Advantages: Low commissions (around 0.1%) Daily gas payment to NEO More coin diversity Daily profit payment to the owners of Kucoin Shares’ own coins (the stock market re-distributes 90 percent of its own money to its users.) High throughput capacity
Disadvantages: Unable to trade with real money such as Dollar, Euro


1. Buy/Sell Order Books

Kucoin Buy/Sell Books
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KuCoin is a multi-coin international exchange that maintains order books to match buyers and sellers. But to use these, you need to go through a simple KYC check.

The UI of this exchange is excellent and not cluttered like Bittrex or Bitfinex. That’s why it is easy to glance at books and make decisions quickly.

2. Supported Cryptocurrencies on KuCoin

KucCoin Supported Cryptocurrencies
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KuCoin has more than 398 markets live as per CoinMarketCap which means you have 398+ cryptocurrencies/pairs trading on it.

#KuCoin Review: Is it Safe to use KuCoin

CEX.IO Review

Every person has their own favorite stock exchange, cex.io has won my heart for fast transactions and card deposit / withdrawal. Click here to register.
Advantages: Deposit / withdrawal from credit / debit cards User-friendly interface Bitcoin prices are on the decline, so they can buy cheaper than Turkish stock exchanges. Quick account verification
Disadvantages: Turning card features off and on in some periods Bitcoin prices rise above the price of other stock exchanges 8 coins in total and coins are generally more expensive than stock exchanges like Binance


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